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Window simulations are approximations; actual appearance may vary.

Our Specialty Series includes F72 SR® and DS 8 SR®. They are three-ply materials, two are deep dyed with UV stabilizers for color and a middle layer that is metallized for solar energy reflection. With the Specialty Series, the metallized component is unseen; there is no "silver look." There is also an SR (Scratch Resistant) hardcoat for improved longevity and clarity.

While our Specialty Series was originally developed for airport control towers, these materials are also great for any application where maximum performance, durability, and protection from sun, heat, and glare is desired.

F72 SR®


F72 SR® is our specially designed material that is specified for airport control towers worldwide. Plastic-View window shades have been successfully installed in over 90 nations.

Visible Light Transmission: 4%

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DS 8 SR®


DS 8 SR® is our specially designed companion material to F72 SR®, for secondary window shades in airport control towers that have our double shade system. This material is excellent for other applications as well.

Visible Light Transmission: 8%

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