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A few of our customers include...

Some of the things they say...

"Beautiful product and simple install. Thanks!"

- Matt F., Archer Western (2/14/19)


"Thank you for a successful project!"

- Melody M., FAA (2/5/19)

"Reviews on [the] shades have been positive. The shades have been utilized every day so far."

- Mike P., FAA (12/21/18)

"I am thrilled to inform you that the tower shades are holding up exceptionally well."

- Jay F., San Bernardino International Airport (8/31/18)

"Thank you so much for the assistance in this! All of our new shades look fantastic."

- SMSgt Garrett M. USAF (5/29/18)

"The quality of the shades is excellent. Our glare has been reduced significantly!"

- SMSgt John R., USAF (2/8/17)

"We acquired some ATC Shades for our tower from your company last year and they continue to work well."

- Alan H., Gaia Engineering (3/17/16)

"I work at Travis Air Force Base and we have your sun shades in the tower here. They are awesome!"

- SrA Kyle R., USAF (3/15/16)

"The transformation is actually amazing. Our view is much cleaner and uniform throughout all the windows. Safety has increased in my opinion..."

- Joshua R., FAA (2/24/16)

"I do believe that people are very satisfied with your product!"

- Joshua P., FAA (7/10/15)

"I also thought I'd share that the customer made a point to mention that they were very satisfied with the work and the shades."

- Mark M., U.S. Army Contract Specialist (4/28/15)

"Good job. Everyone is VERY happy."

- Michael B., FAA (6/4/13)

"We ordered ATC shades from your company and love the quality."

- Rachelle P., Garden City Airport (5/30/13)

"Thank you and I wish all my vendors were as easy to deal with as your company."

- Nancy J. (8/8/12)

"The new blinds in the ATC tower have received many favorable comments. All the controllers I have talked to see them as a positive addition to the tower environment."

- Bill E., USMC (7/24/12)

"Installation was flawless. Shades look great."

- Patrick J., Eagle County Airport (1/25/12)

"The controllers...think the world of the new shades."

- Rodric M., FAA (10/5/11)

"Yes, the shades have been installed in our ATCT and everyone seems to be very happy."

- Bob W., L-3 Communications (9/19/11)

"...if anyone asks me, I will be referring them to you and PVATC."

- Jose M., USAF (9/14/11)

"The crew was very efficient and cooperative. We would recommend them."

- Hilda P., FAA (5/17/11)

"Next set of shades are installed and boy do they look good!"

- Alan R., USAF (12/28/10)

"I have worked in 4 towers, all with your shades and they are wonderful!!!"

- Martha A., Gillette-Campbell Airport (3/4/10)

"We are pleased with the outcome. Yet another satisfied customer for Plastic-View!"

- Mike B., FAA (1/5/10)

"They [the shades] fit perfectly and installation was a breeze."

- Doug W., Chandler Airport (11/13/09)

"Looking forward to working with you again in another 5 or so years!"

- Tim R., Cheyenne Airport (11/12/09)

"...I received glowing reports regarding the work performed. We could not be happier with the shades and installation."

- Bill L., US Army (9/29/09)

"For as long as I am manager of this SSC, I will continue to look to your company to provide quality ATCT shades. Thank you for the fine service."

- Herman L., FAA (2/4/09)

"What a big improvement over the old stuff."

- TSgt Allen L., USAF (12/18/08)

"Excellent job. Thanks to your and the installers."

- John. J, FAA (11/9/08)

"I have come to appreciate the Plastic-View dedication to the control cab shade business."

- Ralph H., Leo A Daly (5/9/07)

"Yes, I will gladly confirm that the shades are installed and our controllers are extremely happy. Installation crew was very professional and did a wonderful job."

- Lois V., Smyrna County Airport (4/27/07)

"The shades are very important to our operation."

- Todd S., FAA (3/1/07)

"The guys in the tower love the shades!"

- Ben S. (6/29/06)

"He [the Plastic-View installer] is a real professional and did an excellent job. Additionally, I want to thank you for doing a hell of a job and making things right for us."

- TSgt Steve B., USAF (12/18/05)


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