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In winter...

  • Retain as much interior heat as either storm windows or thermal panes – approximately 44 to 56%

  • Re-radiate furnace heat back inside the room

  • Simulate the insulating “dead-air” space principle of duo-panes or storm windows

  • Conveniently operated to take full advantage of free natural solar heating and lighting, often completely satisfying these requirements; eliminates unnecessary and expensive artificial heating and lighting

  • Reduce air infiltration in all climates

In spring…

  • As in all seasons, create daytime privacy while actually improving the view insiders enjoy a glare-free view out; however, outsiders cannot see in

  • Daytime privacy feature offers the benefit of increased security by essentially turning ordinary windows into one-way mirrors

  • Children at play may be observed without them knowing it

  • Create a more spacious and pleasing atmosphere by inviting the out-of-doors inside; maintains visual contact with the outside world, but with personal privacy

In summer…

  • Reflect up to 96% of the total solar energy (TSER), which drastically reduces air conditioning demands and costs, while greatly increasing personal comfort

  • Minimize discomforting room “hot spots”

  • Virtually eliminate both direct and reflected eye-straining sun glare

  • Protect all interior furnishings from the devastating effects of exposure to excessive heat and ultraviolet radiation by blocking out up to 99% of the fade causing UV rays, helping to ensure longevity and color stability of draperies, carpeting, furniture, and all other interior furnishings.

In fall…

  • Plastic-View blinds are a complete window energy management system. As the weather or environmental conditions change these blinds may be easily adjusted instantly to your preference

  • Flexibility permits total personal comfort control; you decide how much light and energy are permitted to enter

  • Help to reduce exterior noise

  • Perform the many benefits and functions not provided by ordinary window coverings

  • Make conventional window insulation products obsolete



Plastic-View solar control window blinds reject up to 94% of the total solar energy. Thus, the need for air conditioning is either completely eliminated, or greatly reduced in demand and/or cost.

Metallization in the Plastic-View window blind shade material construction simulates the thermos bottle principle as outside heat is rejected, while inside cold is retained.



On cold days, when in the down position, Plastic-View window shades are comparable to storm windows or duo-pane glass for retaining interior heat. When in the up position, our shades have the tremendous advantage of allowing 100% of the available free solar heat and light to enter the room. Plastic-View window shades will also improve the energy efficiency of duo-pane or Low-E windows.

Plastic-View metallized window shades and the insulating air space between glass and shade material form a barrier against cold or heat transfer.


Most of us are aware of how valuable good insulation is, and in fact, probably already have some type of insulation for the walls and ceilings. However, in many cases, the single largest energy waste area that is overlooked is the windows.


It has been estimated that 20% of our nation’s yearly energy production is consumed in the space conditioning of residential and commercial buildings, with windows accounting for 25% of wasted energy. Energy escapes ten times faster through windows than through any other surface. Over 2/3 of the salvageable energy is lost at the window area. The potential for reducing these heat losses and gains is very high but requires a strategy that combines many different functions.


What this means is that your money is literally going out the window!


Plastic-View heat reflective shades are actually a byproduct of the U.S. Space Program. Our window shades offer the energy efficiency and flexibility required to combat this tremendous energy and monetary loss. In the summer season Plastic-View shades reflect up to 92.5% of the total solar energy. Many window shades take anywhere between 10 to 20 years of energy savings just to recover the amount of energy costs to produce and install. However, Plastic-View shades take only 1 to 2 years to recover the amount of energy costs and have a rapid return on investment of only 1 to 3 years.


Plastic-View heat reflective shades perform as a passive solar control system that allows all of the available free solar heating to enter when not in use (i.e. shades in up position). When in use (i.e. shades in down position), it reduces cold air infiltration while retaining and re-radiating precious interior heat back inside the room.


The skillfully controlled metallization process on our heat reflective materials actually re-radiates furnace heat back inside the room. In the winter season Plastic-View shades limit cold air infiltration and retain as much interior furnace heat as do either storm or duo-pane windows. Furthermore, they are flexibly designed to allow 100% of all the available free solar heating and natural light to enter, eliminating the need for unnecessary energy demands and/or costs.

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