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There is absolutely no question that the most comprehensive database in the world for ATCT window shades has been developed by Plastic-View. Top-level FAA personnel have estimated that it would cost the U.S. government well in excess of $1,000,000 USD to develop a database comparable to Plastic-View's. This information was not gathered overnight or even in months, but is the result of over a half century of hard work and experience. Plastic-View has the precise sizes of most every tower shade throughout the entire U.S. system and over 500 more worldwide. This allows us to offer our customers several exclusive benefits.



Since the establishment of the first FAA control tower window shade specification, Plastic-View has been asked by the FAA to provide them with continuous periodic status reports on the aging of shades throughout their entire system. Plastic-View provides this service for other ATC organizations worldwide as well.​ If left to its own devices, most ATC organizations, including the FAA, have very little knowledge of when their own shades were installed or when they should be replaced. Management simply does not have the resources to accurately monitor their own system. This is a function that is far more efficiently performed by Plastic-View.​


As part of our commitment to air traffic control safety, Plastic-View submits periodic status reports on the aging of shades to all ATC organizations that we work with on a worldwide basis. To the best of our records, we will provide each nation or organization with a detailed report on every control tower that we are aware of as to when shades were last installed and when they should be replaced for safety reasons due to natural aging. This service helps each organization plan their budgets in advance to ensure funds are available to maintain these shades at a high level of air and ground traffic control safety.​These periodic status reports are another important part of the total PV-128 Sales & Service Program by Plastic-View that is simply not offered by any other company.


​​Expect the unexpected. Emergency replacement capability is absolutely essential for air traffic safety.

​Plastic-View can usually identify the exact shade or shades that need immediate replacement during one phone call, email, or fax. Virtually every tower in the U.S. and many abroad has its own file at Plastic-View with the precise shade sizes and requirements. Each shade has an identifying number on the underside of the K-Bar (i.e. bottom hem bar), near where the pull cord attaches. This number corresponds to exact dimensions in our records so we know exactly what to remake. This allows us to offer prompt replacement pricing for either emergency or routine situations.



In addition to offering the world's best ATCT shade, something else that sets Plastic-View apart is the exclusive PV-128 Sales & Service Program. It was developed in 1952 at the request of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), which was then the CAA (Civil Aviation Administration). There was a need for a full service program to support their ATCT shade system. It was a huge undertaking that we at Plastic-View gladly and passionately accepted.

Today we offer the benefits of the PV-128 Sales & Service to the FAA, Air Force, Army, Air National Guard, Navy, chain stores, and other entities and organizations both in the U.S. and internationally. Plastic-View is the only company that offers more than just a piece of plastic on a roller. 




Over 250 qualified companies across the country have participated with Plastic-View throughout the years to provide professional installation services and support for our product. Plastic-View installers are respected window coverings experts in their own communities. Most were discovered and personally trained by Plastic-View management during repeated cross-country drives that were dedicated to recruiting the most reputable companies that the various U.S. cities had to offer. We endeavor to work with the best and purposely stay away from those who offer low prices at the expense of quality. 

Plastic-View installers know the highly specialized field of ATCT shade work. This means:

  • Appreciation and recognition of the sensitive work environment

  • Working quickly, quietly, and efficiently

  • Stopping work for air traffic operations when requested

  • Starting on windows that are less critical to operations during a certain time of day and moving onto other later, at the customer's request

  • Nighttime work when air traffic volumes are too heavy during the day

  • A commitment to safety and customer satisfaction



We offer a trained installer local to virtually every ATCT facility in the nation. What does this mean to you, the customer? While service needs are rare with our premium quality shades, it means prompt attention when you need it. This is something the competition does not offer and apparently does not think is important.

While "factory direct" installation may sound good on paper, what happens when a service need arises after the installer has left town? How much priority will your concern receive from a factory that is hundreds or even thousands of miles away? More than likely, you will be lucky to even get a response suggesting you take care of the problem yourself.


At Plastic-View, we value our customers and believe service after the sale is of utmost importance. If at any point during your warranty period you experience an issue with our product's workmanship or installation services, we will resolve it at our expense. Promptly. Your local installer will make your concern theirs and respond in a timely fashion. Even outside of the warranty period, your installers will be there to help for a nominal fee. They are part of your community and want to do what they can to aide and protect air traffic safety. 



Speaking of community, Plastic-View also believes in giving back to those who support us. When an order is placed with us that includes installation services, we subcontract the work to a qualified company in your area. This helps support local economies, businesses, and families.​​​


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