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For over 75 years, Plastic-View has manufactured quality solar control window shades in the USA. We feature a full line of Mylar-based 'See-Thru' transparent window shade materials and Phifer Sheerweave window shade fabrics. They are available on a number of operating systems, including premium spring rollers, Rollease chain and clutch rollers, and motorized rollers. All of our products offer substantial protection from sun, heat, and glare that conventional window coverings simply cannot match. Our shades will preserve your view out, make you more comfortable, and even save money on your energy bills.

Plastic-View is one of the original pioneers of the transparent window shade. Founded in 1947 by former WWII U.S. Naval aviator, Sonny Voges, Plastic-View spent the early years introducing a virtually unknown product to the public. The transparent window shade was a very viable alternative, and sometimes complement to, traditional window coverings like curtains, drapes, and mini-blinds and we wanted to let the world know.


Our basic philosophy was to create the world's best 'See-Thru' transparent window shades and market them through a nationwide network of independent dealers and distributors. We also developed the exclusive
PV-128 Sales & Service Program that was designed to aide government and chain stores through extensive record-keeping.

Plastic-View's products and program soon received widespread industry support from the major national window shade mills and fellow manufacturers. They shared our commitment to quality and service and agreed to help market our products for their own dealer and customer base. This became even more important when the world of air and ground traffic control adopted the PV-128 Sales & Service Program for their airport control tower cab shade needs.

Today Plastic-View is located in Simi Valley, CA, following 38 years in Van Nuys, CA and the first 7 years in Los Angeles. We offer a knowledgeable and friendly front office staff along with one of the most expert production crews in the industry. Our shades are found in homes, offices, restaurants, convenience stores, air traffic control towers, prison towers, toll booths, marine vessels, RVs, and a number of other places.

Wherever there is a window, there is a Plastic-View shade that will make a difference you can see!


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