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PLASTIC-VIEW solar control window shades reflect up to an amazing 94.9% of the total solar energy. This greatly reduces unwanted excessive solar heat gains and inside temperatures. In addition to reflecting heat, PLASTIC-VIEW window shades also dramatically reduce glare, which is especially beneficial for any home or office with a computer. PLASTIC-VIEW shades make computer screens far easier to read and with less eye strain. Duplex Low VLT materials are especially recommended for computer rooms.

In effectively regulating heat transfer at the window areas, temperatures become more uniform throughout the room; "hot spots" are minimized and space heating/cooling requirements are reduced.

WITHOUT PLASTIC-VIEW HEAT REFLECTIVE SHADES inside temperatures soar, especially at the window areas. If the air conditioning is set high enough to make those near the window comfortable, the others freeze. With PLASTIC-VIEW's heat reflective shades the temperatures become more uniform and the working environment far more comfortable for everyone.


Our sputter coated Super A Lite is ideally suited for reducing glare, blocking over 99% of the fade-causing ultra-violet radiation and keeping out a substantial percentage of heat, yet still permitting display merchandise to be clearly viewed.

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